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singer • producer • audio engineer

Ruby Mountain is a visionary producer whose music, visuals, and products enhance the high-vibe culture. 


Growing up singing Afghan music with her family in Oakland, Ruby was taught that all objects and beings have an acoustic resonance. Her concerts generate experiences where everything feels possible, leaving the audience with a sense of cosmic nostalgia. She is a family-taught singer, professionally-trained audio engineer, electronic music producer and dancer. 

She has performed at Women’s Audio Mission Local Sirens in San Francisco, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, The Kennedy Center, The Muddy Waters Blues and Jazz Festival and several other places across the US and Europe.

Ruby brings a commitment to:

  • Innovation and visibility. Creating new work that empowers femmes and women of color. Expanding the sound, role and look of women of color in music.

  • Multi-dimensionality. Expressing creativity in music, film, fashion and dance.

  • Love. Providing an experience that uplifts, creating a space where anything feels possible. 

  • Honoring ancestral knowledge. Inviting ancestral teachings, imagery, sounds, ceremony, and magic in her content, music and performances.

  • The Divine Feminine. Fostering powerful content communicating the value of femininity bringing balance to divine masculine and feminine energies in the world.

  • Nature. Caring for the environment and being in balance with it. 

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